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Birthdate:Jun 6
Location:United States of America

Name: Tabitha London Browne (usually goes by 'Tab')

Age: 25

Marital Status: Single

Lives: New York City, NY

Occupation: Musician, and record store clerk

Appearance: 5'2", red hair, brown eyes, slender, navel piercing, and tattoos on her inner left thigh, right hip, and ankle

x x x

Tabitha Browne was born in London, England—the inspiration for her middle name. Her parents were working class, but always had aspirations to be part of the upper class, and tried to raise Tabitha the same. They relocated to Long Island, New York when Tabitha was twelve; her father’s work forcing the move. Tab didn’t complain much until she was eighteen and her desire to become a rock star wasn’t just something that faded into the background much to her parents’ chagrin. She left home after high school and has since been going from apartment to apartment while she works at a record store during the day and plays clubs and bars at night.

x x x

Tabitha is a straight shooter; she says what she means, and she means what she says. She’s grown up watching her parents present an image of themselves that was far from true, so she’s done her best to be honest. The only deception that comes into play will be the fact she probably won’t reveal her full name when she first meets someone. She also refuses to bring any men home to her apartment, wanting to keep the casual encounters well and truly casual. She’s passionate, friendly, loyal, creative, and determined.

x x x

Tabitha was originally created way back in 2008 on livejournal. I'm in the process of dusting her off but feel free to explore the worlds she used to be a part of.
x x x


Tabitha London Browne is an original creation by the author and as such, should not be stolen, used, or borrowed for any reason without express permission. This journal is for RP and fic writing purposes only. I am not Rachel Leigh Cook, and her image is only used to give Tabitha a face.

Profile banner found @ [profile] boldenough and is of Hayley from Paramore. She just happens to be able to pass as Tab.

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